Anatolii Rybachok
  • Participation in negotiations and dispute resolution

  • Representation in all courts on all categories of cases

  • Submission of applications to international courts and support of proceedings

  • Execution of decisions of international courts in Ukraine

  • Submission of applications and support of the process in the European Court of Human Rights to inheritance disputes.
Disputes may consist of non-performance of contractual obligations, destruction of property, attempts to liquidate or seize the business. The court in such situations is only one of the possible ways to resolve the conflict, often the last argument.
They usually come to us with problems, not litigation.
That is why, in addition to the traditional support for law firms in court, we offer assistance in the pre-trial settlement of disputes. Litigation is a logical continuation and basis of the competence of legal practitioners.

On their account - victories in landmark processes for Ukrainian law and a significant number of successfully conducted property, corporate, tax, antitrust disputes, protection and enforcement of clients' rights in court.

Juscutum helps to negotiate, models the development of a conflict situation, and forms a strategy of behaviour to obtain the client's most favourable result. We also advise on public coverage of disputes.
It is no secret that Ukraine's judicial system is in crisis. First of all, it is a crisis of confidence. And Ukrainian courts give some grounds for pessimism.

In this regard, many Ukrainian law firms do not rely on the development of judicial practice. Whereas for Juscutum, it is an unalterable professional passion.

Mark Twain has beautiful words: "Dance as if no one sees you. Sing as if no one hears you. "For dispute resolution practitioners, this quote works as follows: "Represent each client as if you were appearing before the High Court in London."
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